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Brandon Gidicsin

Private Mortgage Banker

Brandon was born and raised on Long Island, with a brief stint in Sweden as a teenager. The experience fascinated his desire to learn about cultures and customs from all walks of life. He is involved with a variety of organizations and outreach groups throughout NYC, Westchester and Fairfield County, and runs a monthly local real estate networking group!

As a young man, Brandon was exposed to his uncle’s ability to efficiently acquire, improve and lease properties. These value-add capabilities further enhanced his passion to appreciate and gain a deeper understanding of the demands to see a deal through. Real estate is an industry that has always been a natural attraction, this interest has provided an insatiable appetite for knowledge and growth.

Brandon has experience as a networking guru, property management and raising capital. These experiences have allowed him to gracefully transition into his role as a mortgage loan officer, attracting both domestic and foreign national investors.

Outside of real estate, he loves reading, skiing, speaking Swedish, and fundraising for local charities!

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