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Alex Elezaj

Managing Partner

Alex Elezaj brings a wealth of mortgage banking experience to the forefront of the industry. Seeing a chance to part ways from Corporate America during the downturn in the economy, at a time when lenders shut their lending doors even to their own clients, Alex quickly discovered an opportunity to fill a void in the marketplace. This would see the rise of Black Mountain Capital. Being a native New Yorker and having originated over a billion dollars in loans during his career, through various asset classes, the dream would become a reality. The level of experience, service and enthusiasm Alex brings to the table is second to none. You can be assured that you’ll be protected throughout the application process and all the way through closing. BMC prides itself on providing superior customer service and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are rewarded by the building and securing of long-term satisfied customer relationships. This is the hallmark of every transaction in which we participate. BMC is a dedicated force ready to assist you in all of your real estate financing needs.

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